Coos Forest Protective Association
63612 Fifth Road
Coos Bay Oregon 97420
(541) 267-3161




Spring Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Last Updated 05/02/2016



There are no closures in effect as of May 2016


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Protection Association District Managers for Oregon and Idaho

Mark Woods - Southern Idaho Timber Protective Association
Melvin Thornton - Douglas Forest Protective Association
RD Buell - Walker Range Protective Association
Michael Robison - Coos Forest Protective Association
Len Young - Clearwater-Polatch Timber Protective Association



Apex Helicopters


2015 Contract Ship for CFPA





No Closures as of may 2016

CS1 - N/A
CS2 - N/A
CS4 - N/A
CS5 - N/A
SK1 - N/A
SK2 - N/A

CFPA requires

1 hour fire watch
in a Level 1 closure

3 hour fire watch
in a Level 2 and 3 closure


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Industrial Fire
Precaution Levels

Fire Season Requirements

Weather Conditions

Graze Burning

Smoke Management

National Fire Danger
Rating System


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