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Activity and Learning Zone

We have gathered some fun and exciting activities and learning in the links below. Ask your adult to print these for you so that you can have fun and help Smokey prevent wildfires.

To color on your computer follow these directions:

Open the item you wish to color, click your mouse anywhere inside the page, this should turn your page a "bluish" color, then right click anywhere inside the page, a small box should pop up with "Copy Image", left click on this box, now minimize the pages, open your "paint" program, find your "paste" box and click on it, your image should appear. You are now ready to color your pictures on your computer using your "paint" program. 

Note: You can also do the puzzles in your "paint" program, and use the "pencil" feature to fill the puzzles in and check off your finds.


Smokey Bear's Coloring Book

Mazes Puzzles

Firefighter Crossword Puzzle

Forest Crossword Puzzle 

Wildfire Crossword Puzzle

Forest Wordsearch Puzzle

Prevent Wildfires Sudoku


Smokey Bear's Story

Smokey and Friends Stick Puppets

Smokey and Friends Stand Up Picture


History of Smokey Bear

Smokey and the Careless Campers Play


Smokey Bear's Change It 

Smokey Bear - How well do you know him?

Smokey Bear's Dot-to-Dot

Smokey Bear's Go Fish

Help Smokey Bear Dot-to-Dot



Smokey Bear's Fun Time Book 

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