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Check out some of the activity links we have here for you. You can learn to operate a GPS, use a Compass, read a Map, make Weather Instruments, and more.

This page was designed for people of all ages to have fun and learn a little bit about the job of a Wildland Firefighter.


Kids, please ask your parents permission to do these things below.


Fire Behavior

Lego's Forest Fire Game

Experiment with this Forest Fire Simulator

Apple App - Forest Fighter

Apple App - Fight The Fire

Google Play App - Fire Flying

Google Play - Fire Jumpers

Google Play - Airplane Firefighters

Into the Flames

Earth Science - Forest Fires with Quiz

Learn all about Lightning

Weather Data

Make a Psychrometer

Make a Complete Weather Station

View Current National Lightning


Lightning Experiments

Map Current Weather Conditions

Detection Center

Oregon Web Cameras 
These cameras work much the same as the cameras Coos Forest Protective Association uses for detection of fires.

Communications Base

Study the Wildland Firefighter Dictionary
Firefighters use a different language than you while on the job. The firefighter language is learned and used by all firefighters. See if you can learn the firefighters terminology.

24 Hour Clock Time (Military Time)

Convert 12 Hour Clock to 24 Hour Time

Wildfire Responder

See the Outfit of Firefighters
Firefighters by law and by regulation have to wear a special attire before they go into the fire zone. This outfit has been proven to be beneficial to the firefighters life.

Equipment Pool

View the Wildland Fire Apparatus
Firefighters have to have a special made vehicle to respond to the fires. These vehicles have to access many different type of terrain. Click on a photo to see images of the trucks up close.

Tools Warehouse

Fire Fighting Tools

Learn how to operate a GPS
(Global Positioning System)
Firefighters use this tool to pinpoint the exact size of the fire, they walk the perimeter of the fire and mark waypoints, the waypoints connect to form a shape and from that shape we calculate acres within the shape and this gives us the size of the fire.

Create a Map with GPS

Learn how to use a Compass
Firefighters use a compass to create a "triangulation" on a column of smoke in the forest to pinpoint the exact location of the column of smoke and to figure which direction a fire is spreading.

Make a Compass

Understanding Latitude and Longitude
Firefighters use Latitude and Longitude to find the exact location of a fire, but more importantly they use Latitude and Longitude to relay to the pilot of aircraft to have a specific location to drop water on a fire.

Improve Map Reading Skills 
Firefighters use a variety of maps, they use topography (topo) maps, orthoimagery (ortho) maps, aerial maps, shaded relief map, street maps, to name a few. Every one of these maps ties together, however each map is read differently.

Learn how to Measure a Tree
Firefighters have learned through experience how to measure trees and to determine the threat of the "ladder fuels = forest litter, brush, small tree, timber within a fire perimeter that allow a fire to burn upwards" which can cause possible "crowning = a fire burning in tops of trees" which leads to an extreme fire situation.

Learn To Identify Trees
Knowing the type of trees that are part of your surroundings, during a wildfire, helps the firefighters project the rate of spread and intensity of heat.

Learn to Triangulate Your Location
Knowing your location in the forest is useful in preventing you from getting lost or heading into danger.

Parents these are all external links to other sites. Please use caution when going to other websites.

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