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Smoke Management

Smoke Management Process

Are you planning on burning the slash remaining from your logging operation?
All operators / landowners must obtain a burn permit in accordance with the Oregon Smoke Management Plan.

Indicating "Burning" as a means of Slash Treatment on your "Notification of Operation / Application for a Permit" with Oregon Department of Forestry, does not initiate a Burn Permit.

You must contact Coos Forest Protective Association and start the Smoke Management - Burn Planning process. Contact your nearest office below.

The State of Oregon has ORS laws and OAR rules related to the burning of "logging slash" . Below is a list of links related to Smoke Management.

Smoke Management (Partial) Definitions

Smoke Management is the controlling of smoke emitted from the burning of logging slash with less impact and intrusion to the surrounding areas, and takes into consideration your location, the weather, materials being burned and type of burn.

Prescribed Burning is the burning of slash, and forest litter from a logging operation to minimize the possibility of large wildfires during fire seasons.

Slash is debris and forest litter that is low lying, dying and/or dead, and woody material left over from a logging operation.

Landing piles is the piling of slash on the logging operations landing site usually consists of one large pile.

Piled unit is the piling of slash throughout the entire logging operation site, usually consists of many medium size piles.

Broadcast is the remaining debris that has not been piled, usually consists of lighting fire to the entire logging operation area.

Links For Smoke Management

Daily Plans

Daily Accomplishments

Fuel Moistures

Days Since Significant Precipitation

Oregon Smoke Management Directive

Smoke Management Forecast

Plan Review Information

Map of Smoke Managed Areas

Burn Management Brochure

Forestland Burning Guide

Recognizing Optimum Conditions

Standard Guidance Matrix

Reedsport Station

David Brown

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Gold Beach Station

Brookings Station

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