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What is Zoom?

Zoom is an internet meeting platform. There are four ways to join a meeting and you will need internet or phone data as well as speakers and video camera to hear and see the meeting, (you do not have to "see" the meeting at all if you chose not to, you can just listen)

1. On a web browser either on a computer, tablet, or cell phone, with camera (optional) and speakers, as well as internet service. (this is the best way)

2. On your computer desktop through an app with camera, (optional) and speakers as well as internet service.

3. On a cell phone or tablet through a downloaded app with camera on (optional) and volume up.

4. On a cell phone or landline with only audio, just dial in.

You can also open the meeting on your computer, tablet or cell phone and dial in with another phone. Dial in numbers will be provided.


You just click the link of the Invitation we will be putting up on this website. You will be prompted to "Join Meeting", you will be asked to enter a meeting ID number, if the meeting does not show up right away the "Host" may not have started the meeting yet. For a call in only, dial one of the phone numbers that will be provided, then enter meeting ID number.

Below is a list of Zoom Tutorials

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