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Community Wildfire Protection Plan

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Understanding CWPP

A CWPP is a plan developed by a community in an area at-risk from wildfire.

The Community Wildfire Protection Planning process is the collaboration between communities and agencies interested in reducing wildfire risk. Similar documents can capture the collaborative process and should have at the minimum the following elements: 1) clear evidence that the plan was collaborative, developed by local and state government representatives, in consultation with federal agencies and other interested parties, 2) the plan identifies and prioritizes areas for hazardous fuel reduction treatments and recommends the types and methods of treatment that will protect one or more at-risk communities and essential infrastructure, 3) the plan recommends measures that homeowners and communities can take to reduce the ignitability of structures throughout the area addressed by the plan.

Counties have been giving an unprecedented opportunity to participate in community based forest planning and vegetation treatment project prioritization with the enactment of the Healthy Forest Restoration Act - HFRA of 2003.

Links For Local CWPP's

Counties within Coos Forest Protection Association with CWPP's