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Understanding Oregon Forestland Urban Interface - Senate Bill 360

Oregon Forestland Urban Interface Fire Protection Act (Senate Bill 360) initiates the aid of property owners to reach the goal of turning medium, high, and extreme fire danger areas in and around urban and suburban properties into low fire danger, to assist firefighters and improve the safety and effectiveness in the protection of homes and resources from wildfires.

The law requires property owners in identified forestland-urban interface areas to reduce excess vegetation, which may fuel a fire, around structures and along driveways. In some cases, it is also necessary to create fuel breaks along property lines and roadsides.

Forestland-urban interface areas are identified in each county by a classification committee. Once forestland-urban interface areas are identified, a committee applies fire-risk classifications to the areas. The classifications range from “low” to “extreme";, and the classification is used by a property owner to determine the size of a fuel break that needs to be established around a structure.

Every five years, a committee reviews forestland-urban interface classifications.

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