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Defensible Space

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Understanding Defensible Space

By building a defensible space around your property you can significantly reduce your chances of destruction should a wildfire occur around the property.

Defensible Space is creating a green landscape, with minimal fuels, creating a low fire danger circumference around your home and other out buildings for the prevention of wildfire and the slowing of the spread of wildfire. By following a few guidelines for maintaining property such as trimming the trees, picking up forest litter, clearing gutters, building an open driveway, moving burnable materials like firewood, just to name a few, have helped save many property owners from devastation.

Many years of research has gone into compiling a list of guidelines to assist with assessing, determining, and maintaining methods that can be implemented by all property owners. These guidelines have been introduced into a program called Defensible Space. Coos Forest Protective Association would appreciate all property owners following these proven guidelines to protect all property within the CFPA district communities.

Links For Defensible Space

For more information use the links below to assist in determining what actions should be taken on your particular property.